A downloadable game for Windows

Hi welcome to our game dev adventure, join us in this incredible journey of learning and creating a new place for all dreamer of VRMMORPG. 

Project NeverDawn is set to be a VR MMORPG set in a Fantasy/ Medieval inspired by SAO. We want it to be not only a PvE game but an area where you can make friends work together and be able to create and live your own epic adventure or share one with the community.

The prototype version content is:

- a big open world

- a spell casting system 

- melee weapons and bow
- boars to fight and eat

- heal potions 

To use it please check this text file :
which will tell you everything and if you have any problem contact us on discord we will see to help you ;)

Our discord community: https://discord.gg/YuyCgvWgSu

Enjoy your play ;)


The game

Install instructions

All you must to know to test the game: 1- Download the zip file

2- Extract the file

3- Launch steam 4- Launch the game and that would launch steam vr Solo mode : Direct join -> join solo Multiplayer Mode :

5- Change your steam download region to “the host region”(for exemple “France Paris”) In steam go to: SteamClient>Steam>Settings>Downloads>DownloadRegion 5- Steam restart 6- Execute the .exe
7- Accept the firewall request

8- Go in VR and go to: /!\ if you don’t see your steam profile picture in the left corner of the main menu (so a white square) you must check that steam is correctly launched and restart the game /!\ Servers>Find servers> NeverDawn server Have fun and enjoy your adventure;)

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